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just another ts3 simmer. i post a mix of interior design and gameplay pics.

please note that i only follow back simblrs on this account.

that’s one way to fix the sink

my game seems to be working again!

just had to wait a couple of days for the season to change and that seemed to fix the weird seasonal fuck ups that were going on

Q: hey! your graphics are beautiful! what lighting mod do you use? and do you use a hq mod?

thank you! i’m usually not quite happy with my graphics despite having a pretty decent card

i use this lighting mod by brntwaffles with monte vista water, and i do use a hq mod but i don’t really see a difference with it lately tbh

November 18th
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danimareesims turned 1 today!

it’s two days until summer yet my garden is dormant, the windows are frosted over, and sims freeze if they’re not in outerwear

what the hell game

seriously lacking inspiration for my game yet again

i’m tempted to do a major makeover of the world i’m currently playing in (evansdale county) to tailor it to my taste but i have a bad habit of quitting halfway through large projects…

i’ve also been collecting cc for two worlds- grungy apocalyptic, and medieval fantasy- for months now but the prospect of setting up an immersive themed game that can still be played been fighting the major procrastinator in me

i can’t get over how cute these interactions are

i’m not sure that’s hygienic